EP 1588 cardan-coupling



mbo Osswald is one of the Kuelsheim-based linking technology specialists and aims to provide a wide range of components that can guarantee safe and reliable operation of any construction. These linking elements are designed according to international standards and include axle holders (DIN 15058), set collars (DIN 705), taper keys with gip head (DIN 6887), tangential keys (DIN 268 and 271), parallel keys (DIN 6885), as well as woodruff keys (DIN 6888), nuts for T-slots (DIN 508) and cardan joints (DIN 808). All of these components are manufactured out of high quality steel and stainless steel and are available with a selection of different surface protections such as uncoated or galvanized.

  • High torsional strength
  • Polyamide coated spline shafts for longer life
  • Ground fillet radii to avoid stress concentration
  • Vibration free performance
  • Low maintenance