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Customized High Quality Stainless Steel Cross Cardan Shaft Swp-D Type Universal Coupling 

The SWP-D long non bending universal joint coupling is a universal joint designed specifically for applications with long distances between 2 shafts. It is a double joint universal joint, which means it can work at an angle of 90 degrees. The “long” CHINAMFG indicates that the main body of the joint is longer than the standard SWP-D universal coupling, which allows it to adapt to more bending in the transmission system. The ‘no flexibility’ CHINAMFG indicates that the joint does not have a flexible coupling, which makes it harder and less susceptible to vibration. SWP-D long flexible universal joint couplings are commonly used in agricultural, construction, and mining equipment. It is also used in some automotive applications, such as transmission shafts and transfer boxes. The following are some characteristics of the SWP-D long flexible universal joint coupling: Double joint design, with a working angle of up to 90 degrees Extending the body to make the powertrain system more flexible No flexible coupling, with rigidity and vibration resistance Used in agriculture, construction, mining, and automotive applications

The SWP-D long flexible universal joint coupling has many advantages, including: 1. Can adapt to long distances between 2 shafts: The long body of the joint allows SWP-D to be long without flexible universal joint couplings, in order to adapt to more flexibility in the transmission system, which is very important for applications where 2 shafts are far apart. 2. Operable at angles up to 90 degrees: The double joint design of the SWP-D long flexible universal joint coupling allows it to operate at angles up to 90%, which is crucial for applications where 2 shafts are misaligned. 3. More rigid and less susceptible to vibration: SWP-D lacks flexible couplings, and the long-term absence of flexible universal joint couplings makes it more rigid and less susceptible to vibration. This is very important for applications where the transmission system is subjected to high vibration loads. 4. Durability and Durability: The SWP-D long non bending universal joint coupling is made of high-quality materials and designed for durability and durability. 5. Reducing noise and vibration: The rigid design of the SWP-D long flexible universal joint coupling helps to reduce noise and vibration in the transmission system. 6. Improving efficiency: The SWP-D long flexible universal joint coupling helps to improve the efficiency of the transmission system by reducing power loss. 7. Improving safety: The SWP-D long flexible universal joint coupling helps to improve safety by reducing the risk of transmission system failures.


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1 Prevent from damage.
2. As customers’ requirements, in perfect condition.
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4. Shipping : As per client request. We can accept CIF, Door to Door etc. or client authorized agent we supply all the necessary assistant.
Q 1: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
A: We are a professional manufacturer specializing in manufacturing various series of couplings.

Q 2:Can you do OEM?
Yes, we can. We can do OEM & ODM for all the customers with customized artworks in PDF or AI format.

Q 3:How long is your delivery time?
Generally, it is 20-30 days if the goods are not in stock. It is according to quantity.

Q 4: How long is your warranty?
A: Our Warranty is 12 months under normal circumstances.

Q 5: Do you have inspection procedures for coupling?
A:100% self-inspection before packing.

Q 6: Can I have a visit to your factory before the order?
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Phasing in Cardan Couplings and Its Impact on Performance

The concept of phasing in cardan couplings refers to the alignment of the universal joints’ yokes or flanges on the input and output shafts. Proper phasing is essential to minimize angular misalignment and maintain smooth rotational motion. When the yokes of the universal joints are not aligned correctly, it can result in uneven torque transmission, increased wear, and vibrations.

Phasing affects the performance of cardan couplings in several ways:

  • Uniform Torque Transmission: Proper phasing ensures that torque is evenly distributed between the input and output shafts, reducing the risk of overloading individual universal joints.
  • Reduced Vibrations: Correctly phased universal joints minimize angular misalignment, which helps reduce vibrations and noise in the machinery system.
  • Extended Lifespan: Improved phasing leads to reduced wear and stress on the universal joint components, extending the overall lifespan of the coupling.
  • Efficient Power Transmission: Proper phasing contributes to efficient power transmission by minimizing energy losses due to misalignment.

To achieve proper phasing, manufacturers often provide guidelines or marks on the coupling components to ensure accurate alignment. It’s essential to follow these guidelines during installation and any maintenance or adjustments to maintain optimal performance and reliability of the cardan coupling.

cardan coupling

Industry Standards and Guidelines for Cardan Couplings

Cardan couplings, also known as universal joints or u-joints, are widely used components in various industries. While there might not be specific standards solely dedicated to cardan couplings, they are often designed and manufactured in accordance with relevant industry standards and guidelines related to mechanical power transmission. Some of these standards include:

ISO Standards:

– ISO 9001: Quality management systems.

– ISO 1308: Tolerances for rolling bearings.

– ISO 10100: Principles for design of rotating machinery.

AGMA Standards:

– AGMA 9005: Selection of Lubricants for Enclosed Gear Drives.

– AGMA 6034: Gear Inspection Handbook: Guidelines and Methods for Inspection of Tooth Flanks, Gear Blank Dimensions, and Gear Quality Control.

API Standards:

– API 671: Special-Purpose Couplings for Petroleum, Chemical, and Gas Industry Services.

ASME Standards:

– ASME B106.1: Power Transmission Couplings, Elastomeric and Steel Double Flexing.

Additionally, manufacturers and users of cardan couplings often follow best practices and guidelines provided by engineering organizations and associations specific to their industries. It’s important to ensure that the cardan couplings are designed, manufactured, and installed in compliance with relevant standards and guidelines to ensure their safe and efficient operation.

cardan coupling

How do you properly install and maintain a cardan coupling in machinery?

Proper installation and maintenance of a cardan coupling are crucial to ensure its reliable performance and longevity:

  • Installation:
    • Align the shafts properly before connecting the coupling to minimize initial misalignment.
    • Ensure that the universal joints are in phase, meaning their yokes are in the same orientation to prevent uneven torque transmission.
    • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for torque specifications while tightening bolts and fasteners to prevent overloading or loosening during operation.
    • Make sure the coupling is properly centered and balanced to avoid vibrations.
    • Check for any obstructions or interference that might affect the movement of the coupling.
  • Maintenance:
    • Regularly inspect the coupling for signs of wear, such as cracks, corrosion, or damaged components.
    • Monitor the alignment of the shafts to detect any misalignment that might occur over time.
    • Lubricate the universal joints and bearings as recommended by the manufacturer to reduce friction and wear.
    • Replace worn or damaged components promptly to prevent further deterioration and potential coupling failure.
    • Perform vibration analysis and balancing to ensure the coupling operates smoothly and doesn’t contribute to excessive vibrations in the machinery.
    • Regularly check for any signs of overheating, which might indicate inadequate lubrication or other issues.
    • Keep the coupling area clean from debris, dirt, and contaminants that could affect its performance.

By following proper installation procedures and conducting regular maintenance checks, you can maximize the efficiency and reliability of a cardan coupling in machinery.

China factory Customized High Quality Stainless Steel Cross Cardan Shaft Swp-D Type Universal Coupling  China factory Customized High Quality Stainless Steel Cross Cardan Shaft Swp-D Type Universal Coupling
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